Shot Bandit Bristle Dartboard

Sale price$87.99

New Generation Bandit Boards

  • Full size 18 x 1 - 1/2 in dartboard meets World Dart Federation specifications
  • Shot Darts has 50 years of experience in the darts business and recognizes that players have preferences for their boards and darts.
  • The company has released the new generation Bandit Boards in two densities: the original Bandit and the firmer Bandit Duro.

Features of the Bandit Board

  • The Bandit Board uses premium African conditioned self-healing sisal bristles packed to optimal depth and density for outstanding durability.
  • The dartboard's surface is infused with quality eco-inks, providing a low-glare, color-fast surface with excellent visibility.
  • It meets World Dart Federation specs, making it suitable for competition use.
  • Installation is easy with Shot’s innovative one-component bracket system made of heavy-duty nylon, providing strength and stability beyond conventional steel mounting brackets.
  • The dartboard's unique interlocking design and smooth plastic composite edging allow for easy rotation, promoting even target wear.
  • Each Bandit Board comes complete with a bonus measuring tape, a new stabilizing system, and a darts handbook.