Scolia Scoring and Lighting System, Dartboard and Surround, Ultimate Value Set

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Transform your darts area into a professional space with the Scolia Scoring and Lighting System. This comprehensive bundle includes everything you need for an exceptional dart-playing experience:

Scolia Home Scoring System

The Scolia Home camera and scoring system revolutionize your practice sessions. Whether you’re a keen hobby player or a seasoned professional, this system enhances your game. Here’s why:

  • Advanced Camera System: Scolia registers your throws with near-perfect accuracy, eliminating the need for manual scorekeeping.
  • Real-Time Scoring: Say goodbye to interruptions—Scolia announces your scores instantly.
  • Heatmaps and Stats: Analyze your game, identify weak areas, and improve your skills.
  • Online Matches and Tournaments: Compete against players worldwide or challenge Scolia’s Personalized Bot.
  • Lifetime Access Included: Get continuous updates and improvements.

1. Scolia Spark 360-Degree LED Lighting Ring

Illuminate your dartboard like never before. The Spark surrounds your board with consistent, glare-free light, ensuring optimal visibility from every angle:

  • Perfect All-Around Lighting: No shadows, no distractions—just pure focus on hitting that bullseye.
  • Easy Installation: Mount the Spark effortlessly around your dartboard.
  • Enhanced Ambiance: Create a professional playing environment in your home or club.

2. Winmau Plain Black Dartboard Surround

Crafted by Winmau, a trusted name in darts, this surround protects your walls and adds a sleek touch:

  • Compatibility: Suitable for all Winmau bristle dartboards.
  • Perfect Fit: Designed to snugly encircle your dartboard.
  • Home or Club Use: Whether you’re practicing alone or hosting friends, this surround is ideal.

3. Winmau Blade 6 Bristle Dartboard

The Blade 6 is the latest gem in the Blade Series. Here’s why it’s a player favorite:

  • Sixth-Generation Technology: Stunning design, innovation, and craftsmanship.
  • Density Control Wire: Optimum fiber density for improved dart retention and maximum scoring power.
  • Ultra-Thin Angled Wire: Minimal bounce-outs.
  • Hardened Bullseye: Now 25% thinner.
  • Professional Tournament Approved: Meets official World Darts Federation specifications.

Ultimate Bundle Starter Kit (Optional):

Ready to start fresh? Our Ultimate Bundle includes the Blade 6 Dartboard and a Winmau Dartboard Surround.

Note: Requires a wired network connection. For wireless connectivity, consider the VONETS Mini Wifi Adapter.

Get ready to elevate your darts game with the Scolia Scoring and Lighting System Dartboard and Surround!