Scolia Home Flex with Spark Surround Lighting Bundle

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Introducing the New Scolia Home Flex: Redefining Dart Scoring

Scolia Home Flex presents a game-changing approach to dart scoring, blending affordability, adaptability, and cutting-edge technology. With our innovative subscription model, access top-tier scoring capabilities at a fraction of the usual cost.

Engage in various game modes, challenge the computer, or compete online with friends and fellow Scolia users. Elevate your skills through online training sessions and monitor your progress with advanced analytics and usage tracking. Enjoy complimentary software updates to keep your experience fresh and dynamic.

Experience the pinnacle of darting technology and adaptability with Scolia Flex. Propel your game to new heights with state-of-the-art features, while staying connected to the vibrant dart community both locally and online.

Affordable Accessibility

Unlock the power of advanced dart scoring without breaking the bank. Even without a subscription, Scolia Flex grants free access to all system features, offering a limited plan accommodating up to 1000 throws per month.

Subscription Plans - Tailored for Flexibility

Craft your subscription to align perfectly with your needs. Pause or resume your service at your convenience, ensuring your darting experience adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle.

With the Limited Plan, you get all the functionality of the Scolia platform for a limited number of throws a month. And with the Unlimited Plan, you get limitless access to Scolia features including all game types of local games, online games, computer opponents, tournaments, and statistics of Scolia challengers.

Pause you subscription anytime you like, without hassle, at anytime. Flexible use, flexible price. This is the Scolia Home Flex.

Optimal Usage Requirements

For optimal performance, utilize a standard dartboard with traditional specifications, accompanied by a standard PU Surround. Ensure a sturdy wall, preferably brick or concrete, surrounds the dartboard, and secure a wired internet connection*. (*Wireless connectivity is achievable via a Vonets wifi adapter.)

What is Scolia Flex?


Get your Scolia system for a much lower upfront price and enjoy the flexibility of our new subscription model, Scolia Flex


Even without subscribing, you have access to all functionalities of the Scolia system with a limited plan for up to 1000 throws per month for free.


Pause and renew your subscription anytime – according to your needs.

How can I subscribe?

It takes only 2 minutes to upgrade to the Unlimited plan.

Step 1: Register your Flex board

You need to register your Flex board in the “My boards” page, by clicking on the “Add new board” button.

Step 2: Upgrade your board

Go to the
board details page for your Flex board and click on the “Upgrade”
button. Select the billing frequency, then pay easily using any debit or
credit card of your choice in a safe and secure way.

Step 3: Enjoy Scolia

Start using Scolia in an unlimited way!